фильм 2021

Get Latest breaking headlines news of Yajuvendra Chahal,NASA,LIC,IMA, Piyush Goyal,AIMIM,IPL 2021.

фильм 2021
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Get Latest breaking headlines news of Remedisvir injections,Yajuvendra Chahal,NASA,LIC, IMA, Piyush Goyal, AIMIM, Saurabh Ganguly
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1. Today's date is recorded in India's history for many reasons.
2. States will get 53 lakhs of #Remedisvirinjections
3. #Yajuvendrachahal came forward on the initiative of Anushka Virat
4. Free Trade Agreement will be with EU
5. New guidelines released on US in Corona
6. The maximum vaccine in this country of the world
7. Tankers carrying medical oxygen will not have to pay toll tax
8. #NASA released helicopter sound on Mars
9. New rules will be issued in #LIC from today
10. Railway extended help in battle with Covid-19
11. Congress will churn on the defeat of five states
12. #IMA advises Ministry of Health to wake up
13. #Piyush goyal said record breaking wheat purchases in the country
14. India got France's support in this battle of Covid-19
15. Many important scenes cut from Salman Khan's film Rani
16. Another major success for NCB in Sushant Singh Rajput case
17. #AIMIM chief targets Yogi Adityanath
18. Sara Ali Khan donated to Sonu Sood Foundation
19. Kevin Pietersen talks about organizing IPL in England
20. Getting the formula to manufacture vaccines is still a big challenge
21. Chinese vaccine gets approval in the battle of Covid-19
22. #SaurabhGanguly said that BCCI will lose 2500 crores if IPL is not completed
23. Chinese rocket debris fell in Indian Ocean
24. The wait for Pubji re-launch will be over now
25. IT company Cognizant will hire 28 thousand freshers in India this year
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