фильм 2021

Woodturning - The Banksia Bullet Box

фильм 2021
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Another banksia box, this time i add a betel nut on top of it.

Tools and materials;

-Banksia pod
-Betel nut
-Laguna Revo 1216 lathe
-Shopfox w1706 bandsaw
-Sorby spur drive
-Oneway live center
-Easy Wood Tools carbide tools
-Crown hss tools
-LePage carpenter glue
-Epoxy glue
-120, 240, 400, 600, 1200 grit sanding paper
-Beall buffing system
-Buffing compounds

Song 1 - Bright eyed blues by Unicorn Heads
Song 2 - Frank's last chase by DJ Williams


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My videos are for entertainment purposes only. When using any tools or machinery, always read and understand manufacturer's guidelines and safety instructions. I'm a self taught woodworker and the methods I use may not be the safest. If you see me doing something dangerous, don't do it! Woodworking can be very dangerous, act responsibly and take every safety mesures to avoid hurting yourself.

#woodturning #woodart #roysbox
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